KiXX NewsNew website now LIVE!

At last, we can announce our new website is up and running! It’s been a long time coming, as we hastily created a temporary site up way back in 2014 to take the pressure off from working on our ‘proper’ website.

I have always been aware of the advice we have been giving to our clients… “must be responsive”… “update it regularly with new content”… “use social media”… and the truth is, we have been just as guilty!

Unfortunately as small business owners, we get bogged down with a lot of things that need to be done at the expense of things we should be doing to make our businesses more successful. ‘Work on your business and not in your business’ is the common saying we hear all the time! And it’s true, if only it were possible.

Sometimes I think I should work in a circus as I have become an excellent juggler of my time. Maybe I should concentrate on playing with one ball at a time 🙂

Certainly I learned that in order to get our website completed, we just had to create focus, establish a realistic completion date… and get it done! It has at times seemed like a distraction, but now we can applaud ourselves that we have achieved our goal and can now concentrate on dealing with our clients again. Naturally we will task ourselves to updating it regularly and using social media… and if you see that we aren’t doing as we preach, then please get in touch and remind us.

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